first photo shoot.

I did it!  somewhat haphazardly, but nonetheless it went okay.  

and I learned quite a bit in the process.  for example:

1. purchase a bigger memory card (and carry an extra).  especially when shooting in RAW.  um mm...yeah I felt like an idiot when I had barely started the session and my memory card read "full".  so there I was frantically deleting pictures from the previous two days.  ugh.

2. scope out the location BEFORE doing a shoot.  so we arrived at the golf course and I had no idea what the lighting situation was or what I was dealing with for background.  so we just did it "off the cuff".  in the end it was fine...maybe the late morning lighting was a little too bright, though.  

3. keep calm and carry on.  especially when you look like an obvious amateur photographer. 

here's a few images from the shoot.  and thanks to the Keranen family for being so patient.  that's why I'm doing this free of charge...so I can smooth out the kinks and learn from my mistakes.  after all, Rome wasn't built in a day. 

ENJOY!  (and I'm open to any critiquing.  I can handle it.)

IMG_1548copy copy


 IMG_1559copycopy    IMG_1566D&Rcopy IMG_1654R&A








love the Andrew sandwich!

thanks again for the opportunity, guys!  despite all the glitches it was still fun! such a cute family!


yahoo!  it's friday!  and Myra is a big 9 years old today!  (you know, I think I'll just buy a cake this time.)


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