a girl named tom.

actually, her name isn't really tom.  it's myra.  but she's definitely a tomboy.


right.  no girly girl for this one.  in fact, she thinks dolls and picnics and shopping are for sissies.  she would rather be rip sticking, playing tackle football, collecting tech decks and just hanging out with the boys in general.  

but she holds a soft spot in my heart, you see, because that is exactly what I was like growing up.  showers?  blech.  fashion?  ew, what's that.  unkempt hair and glasses always a little askew?  she could care less.  a game of baseball? now you're talkin'.     

so, I guess I could relate when she wanted to invite her two good buddies, of the male variety, to her birthday party last friday.  and they had a blast!  games and pizza at Peter Piper, a trip to Walmart for a rip stick and back home for cake and ice cream.




IMG_1742good times!  

march is definitely the month of birthdays for us.  one more tomorrow and that should wrap things up around here for a few weeks anyway.  until the newbie arrives.  

have a great monday!



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