we survived.

spring break, that is.  

I do admit there were a few times I was ready to trade everyone in...well, maybe more than a few.  probably more like a whole bunch.  on the flip side, though, it was nice to have the bigger kids home to help out with the cleaning and keeping track of Rowan.  and the sleeping in was nice!  but now I'm definitely looking forward to monday and the resuming of school and schedules.  wait!  did I just say that?  looking forward to monday?  that's a first. 

so what did we do to pass the time?

we made a trip to the library (and read LOTS of books):


we baked (yummy peanut butter cookies) which made up for the ugly cupcakes:


we went to the park (the weather was fantastic):

we went on picnics in the state forest just up the street (or the girls did, rather):


and I purchased a cute pair of spring sandals (that my friend Kristin made my buy- hee hee):


so now it's friday and we have a busy weekend ahead.  a little shopping, a 25th wedding anniversary party for Keith and Kim (what a milestone!), a day trip hiking/exploring in the Superstition mountains enjoying the gorgeous weather, and possibly my first real photo shoot, which I'm both nervous and excited about! 

and the kids favorite part?  a two night stay in a hotel with a pool.  at a super discounted rate. (thanks, andy! :)  

catch you on monday!  


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