things I like about our home.

when it comes to decorating, I consider myself more of a minimalist.  I don't like clutter (more stuff to dust) and I like to keep things simple and clean.  think less is more.  I love touches of color here and there and have gotten into displaying framed pictures (family) and artwork.  plus the kids like seeing their projects and pictures on display as well.  my favorites are West Elm and CB2 for getting ideas.  


of course it would be nice to have an unlimited budget, but that's not even remotely possible.  so to freshen it up and give the house a face lift, I try to rearrange quite a bit.  flowers can also brighten it up and add some cheer.  I picked up some ranunculus from a local florist the other day and it makes me happy just to look at them.

I love colorful kids rooms. 

IMG_1834 copy IMG_1916 

I found the two little girls fun striped bedding and polka dot sheets at Target.  and these cubbies by Itso (great for organizing legos, knex and whatever other assortments of stuff they collect) in the boys' room, were from there as well.

the kids' ever revolving artwork.  I picked up these cables and hooks from Ikea. I think they are actually meant for hanging curtains on.


for my bedroom, I'm loving all the gray and yellow that's in right now.  keep in mind we are in a rental house so obviously we haven't painted any walls, which just kills me, because I so love picking out paint colors...it can add so much to your whole scheme.


these are a few places where my eyes like to land.  

PS. as I cleaned I was snapping these pictures.  and today, you would never know that I had even touched the place.  *sigh*  oh well.  it was fun while it lasted!

have a great friday!


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