two months.

where has the time gone?  it's hard to believe our little angel doll is already two months old.  unbelievable.  

she loves to smile, except when her momma pulls out the camera, then all bets are off.  this is usually how it goes down: feed her, change her, get her all dolled up, she's grinning away at me, set her down to take pictures...and bam! fuss, fuss, fidget, squirm, waa, waa, waa.  all smiles disappear.  sigh.  you little turkey.

I wonder how many hugs and kisses she gets a day?!  no one can pass by her without planting a big kiss on her cheek or nose or forehead! (hmmm...maybe that's how all the germs are getting spread.  just a thought.)    

IMG_4896 copy

IMG_4904 copy

such a big girl! 

IMG_4905 copy  IMG_4912 copy copy IMG_4925 IMG_4941

she loves her big sisters, too!

enjoy your weekend!


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