Williams, Arizona cont.

I guess I have a few loose ends to tie up from our journey to the spectacular town of Williams, Arizona, don't I?

I promised, so I will deliver. 

but first, let me clarify this: I solemnly vow not to quit blogging. (said with right hand raised.) what I meant by "rethinking my blogging schedule" was that I might not be able to keep it up every single day like I have been doing.  I fully understand that if I were to quit blogging all together, you would lose your only source of entertainment and that would be an utter tragedy.  wink, wink.  I will continue to post when it works out, but I'm not going to stress about it.  so, that's that.

now back to the Williams saga.

after our amazing adventures at bearizona, we decided to head into town and grab some dinner.  we had 22 ravenous beasts kids on our hands that were in dire need of nourishment.  the question: where could we go with our large crew that wouldn't cause any ill effects on our fellow diners?  hmmm...definitely nowhere fancy.  we needed something low key.  Ruth had gotten a recommendation to the Pizza Factory, which sounded good.  so pizza it was.


we stormed in and took the place over. 

I heard a few forks clatter to the floor as people paused mid-bite, their mouths gaping open in complete shock and awe at the sheer size of our gang and a couple other patrons must have certainly suffered whiplash seeing the way they cranked their heads to gawk at all the sudden commotion.  of course the kids had no clue that they were now the talk of the entire restaurant.  the room was a-buzz with the sound of counting.  yep.  22 kids...count 'em up, people.  and, yes, they are all ours. (although sometimes we would rather not claim ownership.)

well, the pizza was indeed delicious.  the kids gobbled it up and I'm convinced we left the biggest mess the Pizza Factory has ever seen.  the icing on the cake was when Rowan had a complete meltdown and hollered for what seemed like an eternity.  those poor employees.


we were informed by a friendly local that a gun fight would be taking place down on the corner at 7 sharp.  the kids couldn't believe their good fortune.  and I couldn't believe that Williams was such a happening place.  who knew?


we staked out a spot and geared up for the big show down.  I admit I was skeptical about the whole thing.  what kind of entertainment could this one horse spectacular town of Williams, Arizona possibly have to offer?


a wedgie picking cowboy, that's what.  or was it a crack shot?  anyway, I was duly impressed.

I sort of missed out on the rest of the commentary.  the old geezer next to me was laughing and chortling so hard I thought he might either wet his depends or pass out.  and I didn't want to be the one responsible for his resuscitation.  no way.


the littles got scared once the gun shots rang out, as you can see by the death grip Rowan has on his dad's precious locks.  I think he left a permanent bald spot.  woo-ee.  the dude on the left has got to be one of the most handsome men I've ever laid eyes on.  don't you agree?


apparently these girls thought so, too.  they were grinning like cheshire cats to have their picture taken with him.

although Hannah's grin quickly faded as he leaned over and whispered in her ear, "I may have fleas, but I don't bite."  urk.

and now you know the rest of the story.


so long Williams, Arizona.

you were indeed spectacular.


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