a day spent with friends.

last tuesday, as I was going about my morning routine, I heard a faint beep coming from my purse.  obviously it was my phone, but who could possibly be wanting me at this hour?  a quick check revealed it was a message from my SIL Ruth, inviting me to join her and Liisa out at Crescent Moon Park in Sedona around 1pm.  oh fun, I thought, relishing the idea of hanging out with friends for the afternoon.  I had been wanting to get together with Liisa before she headed out of town and this would most likely be my only opportunity to visit her.

the elation of the moment was quickly replaced by a feeling of utter anxiety; to do this meant going solo.  

solo with nine kids, that of which included a crazy-busy two year-old and a babe in arms?  at a creek?  with no hubby to carry my bags and baggage and keep track of said two year-old?  just the thought made me all panicky inside. 

I texted Ruth back: you bringing everyone?  knowing the calm and laid back person that she is, I already knew the answer before she replied back: yep, taking everyone.

I hesitated for a moment before texting back: okay, see you there. (like I said, I really wanted to get together with Liisa.  and I also didn't want to be called a pansy.)

so then, I did what every mom would most likely do in my situation; I called a meeting to order:

"okay everyone, listen up.  we're going to Sedona...." I was interrupted by much hooting and hollering.  after the cheering died down I continued, "...to meet Ruth and Liisa."  more yahoos.  

"BUT, here's the deal.  since I'm doing this all by myself, you guys need to be extra helpful with carrying things and watching out for each other.  you get me?" everyone nodded in agreement, even Rowan, who had no clue that he was more work than help.  gotta love it.

so, with many willing hands, we packed up and headed out.   


by the way, have I convinced any of you to move here yet?  that's really my motive behind posting all of these beautiful scenery pictures.  I'm hoping I can lure some more families into joining us here. :)  


we picked a spot to roost along this shallow creek which was actually perfect for the little ones.  even Rowan stuck around.   

IMG_6255 IMG_6266

they kept plenty busy driving trucks and such.  


Logan, Torren and Sawyer.


Hannah and Adriel.


Whitney and Phoebe.


IMG_6272 IMG_6269

the babies had a ball splashing in the water.

IMG_6260 copy


IMG_6300 IMG_6240

making mud cookies.  yum, no?


the boys kept entertained by catching crawdads.


and I don't recognize these kids.  they just showed up. :)  

I have to say it went really well, better than I had envisioned.  I thought we'd last two to three hours max and before I knew it, five hours had flown by.  the kids didn't want to leave, of course, and we had to drag them out of the water.

"we were just starting to have fun," they said. ;)


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