the fight club. (or something)

as a general parenting rule, I encourage my children to get along, or, at the very least, be civil to one another. 

and for the most part they comply (save for the occasional squabble here and there), without my having to knock their heads together.  

but now, after having spent 9+ weeks in close knit territory, breathing down each other's necks on summer vacation, things* have begun to get a little out of hand around here (see image below).  this week they have given me a run for my $$$.    

(* = fighting, teasing, yelling, arguing)



so, I became somewhat irrational and established the 'fight club'.  if they wanted to fight and be mean, then so be it.  ha.  see if I care.     

         'fight club' rules and regulations

to become a member, each person must first (but not necessarily in this order) perform these five basic tasks:

  1. slug the next person that happens to pass by for no apparent reason other than to provoke ear-piercing screams (from said person) that threaten to deafen the entire community and its surroundings.

  2. tease your younger siblings relentlessly, causing them to yelp and squeal and go running to their mother.

  3. state "you are such a moron" to anyone that doesn't agree with you-- because you're always right and no one else knows what they're talking about.

  4. argue over every little thing just to pick a fight-- chores, computer times, etc.

  5. in general, just be a pain in the rear.  

not only has running my own 'fight club'  been entertaining, it has done absolute wonders for my sanity.  heh.   

care to join?


2 weeks, 5 days and counting...


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