five months.

wait a minute.  wasn't it just like yesterday that I was complaining about how sick and tired I was of being pregnant?

has it really been five months since Scarlett appeared on the scene?

let's see, she was born April 25th.  so May + June + July + August + September = ohmygeezers 5 months!   

well I'll be jiggered.  guess it wasn't just yesterday.    





anyway, at five months she's eating solid foods-- carrots, peas, beans, you name it, she gobbles it.  she's also into sticking out her tongue-- where (or who) she learned this from, I'd rather not know. oh and she also just popped her first tooth!     

sigh.  miss Scarlett Jean is growing up waaaaay too fast.  

gosh, before I know it she'll be trimming my whiskers, driving me to my colonoscopy appointments and scolding me for trying to make a pass at the handsome young docs!  eek!

in just five short months, Scarlett has brought so much joy to our family.    

babies truly are a blessing!



Tracie Simonson said...

Those babies are a blessing aren't they!! She is adorable! You are sucha stitch Jessica! Its so fun to read this blog-brings such laughter because it is so so typical in a large family!!

becky l said...

She's adorable!

Edna Kesti said...

Hope you aren't shy, Scarlett, cuz here come Grandpa and Grandma! We should arrive tomorrow. We can't get into our house til 4PM. See you soon!

Linda said...

Adorable she is! Just munchable :)

Debbie Kesti said...

she is precious! my favorite age, 3-6 months old is my fav!

Becca said...

Sweet outfit !! She's a little darling !

Selma said...

Such an adorable little girl! I just love your pictures - the composition, lighting, sharpness, colors - everything is just perfect. (And I know nothing about photography but know what I like!)

Aunty Dee said...

Sooooo precious! Love these pictures, Jess!
Love to you all from me.

Brita said...

She's so cute...reminds me of Tim & Debbie's kids. So crazy how fast they grow!!

able mabel said...

Selma~ Jessica is a pro photographer! She just gets better and better.
Scarlett, you are such a doll!!