lucky duck.

I hope the suspense hasn't been killing you.

my goal was to get this posted earlier this morning.

but I quickly learned there are goals...and then there is reality.

the littles have been needing my undivided attention today.  they obviously sense I'm heading out of town for the weekend so in return they have been pushing every single button they possibly can.

I will enjoy my time away even more.

so without further adieu:


I did it the old-fashioned way this time.  printed out the comments and cut them up.

IMG_8194-2 IMG_8197

quickly grabbed one of my assistants to help with the mixing.


mix, mix, mix.


time to pick a name.  she scrutinizes it (and has no idea what it says.)


it says "Denise."

Denise said:
Chocolate Raspberry Torte simply the best.

Denise, do you have the recipe for that?  because now you need to share that with us. :) 

congrats and happy shopping!

also, thanks to everyone who participated!!

I better run and pack!!!

have a great weekend!!!!




Ruth said...

Love the expression of her attempting to "read" the winner! Congrats Denise-lucky you!!

Denise said...

Oh I sure do have the recipe.. wow..!!

Kelly Massman said...

Your post was so cute I don't even mind that I didn't win... :-) (course I would have loved to win, too)

able mabel said...

Love Phoebe's face!!
Congratulations Denise!!