my little models.

first of all, I was thrilled beyond words when Lori asked if I would be interested in taking pictures for her etsy shop, 1crown3tiaras.  that was a no-brainer!  the clothing she designs is simply stunning!

in fact, just seeing all the adorable items these talented seamstresses can whip up makes me wish I would have paid more attention in those home-ec classes instead of using them as free time for goofing off.        

apparently I'm not smart enough to be a sewing guru.  I'm hopeless when it comes to figuring out patterns and my fingers seem to be a magnet for pins to jab.  I spend more time cussing and crying when trying to sew than actually getting any thread into the fabric.  or so it seams.  hee.

and now back to my little models.

just to be clear, I'm using the term "model" quite loosely here.  as in there was plenty of pouting and arm-crossing going on.  especially from stubborn miss Phoebe.

it was only after I promised them ice cream that they finally agreed to cooperate.  and even then we had to iron out a few "minor" details, because where as I was thinking Mickey D's $1.00 cones, they apparently had the $4.00 Cold Stone variety on their minds. hmph.  at the ripe age of four and almost six they're already ice cream snobs.

(read that as I made the mistake of bringing them there once.)  

anyway, this is her First Impression Ruffle Neck Blouse and First Impression Double Ruffle Pants.  perfect for the upcoming holiday season:


IMG_9169 IMG_9154

IMG_9096 IMG_9094-copy


her Loves-me, Loves-me-not Ruffle Dress.  darling for fall:

IMG_9227 IMG_9240-copy

IMG_9261-copy IMG_9246-copy

and her Phoebe Ruffle Neck Dress.  add some skinny jeans, leggings or tights for the cooler months:


IMG_9270-2-copy IMG_9302-2

IMG_9282 IMG_9306-2-copy

wow.  her stuff is simply amazing!

this is just a small sampling-- you can go here to see more of her lovely creations!

thanks again, Lori, for this awesome opportunity!     



JB said...

Wow! Great photography and beautiful clothing! All that talent overwhelms me!

Briita M said...

for whatever it takes, awesome photos!

Aunty Dee said...

The clothes are cute--but the models!!! What perfect little girls to model these outfits. Just makes me smile to see their smiling faces! Love to all!!

Lori said...

Yes, I agree! You've got some pretty cute models!!