Red Mountain.

last saturday we packed up and headed out with grandma and grandpa to hike Red Mountain, eager to get outside and enjoy the crisp fall weather.

this has been a favorite family hike of ours- it's relatively easy for the little ones to do, but still fun enough for the older ones as well. (meaning it doesn't warrant too much complaining.)

the big kids quickly ran ahead, while us older folks brought up the rear, all the while chatting and gazing at the gorgeous scenery.


the same tree; first photo on the way to Red Mountain, second photo on the way back.



the trail leads into this beautiful canyon.  Rowan takes a quick break to chug some water from the camelback.

once in the canyon, the kids took off exploring and rock climbing.  can you spot them in this photo?  I tried not to look as they kept climbing higher and higher, praying no one would go head over tea kettles down the rock walls.

as we were I was anxiously waiting for the kids to return from their exploration, this guy saunters up and asks if the little girl in the leopard print jogging suit belonged to us.  not sure, why?

so he goes on about how he had been clambering around on the rocks, fearing for his life, but at the same time proud of himself for accomplishing such a feat, when all of the sudden this girl in the leopard suit goes flying past him up the rocks like this was something she did on a regular basis.  "yeah, there went my ego," he says.  

fantastic!  that would just so happen be my five year old.  in fact, I typically dress my children in outfits that match their personalities, didn't you know? (and what the heck was she doing up there?)

deep breath

we still have nine kids, in case you were wondering.



the last storm left a dusting of snow on the peaks.  beautiful!

grandma and Jake deep in conversation.  it appears that grandma is packing heat, but actually those are a set of trekking poles.  just to be clear.

FUN times!


PS. do you like the new look?  I'm liking the bigger images.  let me know what you think.


jen said...

Sure! I like the bigger images too.

Caroline said...

I like it!

I love the picture of Edna & Jake.

Anonymous said...

I like the biggger images too. It seems like it loads faster.

Laura said...

What's Grandma carrying? Looks like a rifle.

jessica said...

LOL Laura! yeah it sure looks like grandma is packing heat, doesn't it? :) actually they are trekking poles.

Brenda said...

Yep I like! I also like the pic of Edna and Jake... she is such a cute Grandma!

Stacy said...

Love how you had to add in that you still have 9 kids! Thanks for the good chuckle

Lindsey said...

We love that hike too! The bigger pictures are good, especially for my study-strained eyes!