I just realized we do a ton of outdoor activities-- mainly due to the fact that it's so relaxing.  well, unless you're overlooking the Grand Canyon with a two-year old thrill seeker, than maybe not so much.

outside, the kids can yelp and run to their heart's content, the noise level barely audible as its sucked up into the atmosphere.  whereas indoors, the noise can be so deafening at times that you worry if the roof might just blow off the house.  so then you spend the entire visit trying to lip read because you can't hear a blasted thing.

more often than not, it's when we get together with friends (most of which have as many, if not more kids than we have) that we find ourselves heading outdoors.  because, well, when there are roughly three times the amount of kids than there are adults, it's typically the least stressful route.

and in my books, less stress equals more enjoyment.

Cathedral Rock.  the second most photographed place in Arizona, after the Grand Canyon.

it's amazing how long a pile of rocks can keep the young (as well as the old, ahem) entertained.  the older you are, the bigger the rocks, that's all.

we marveled at the beauty of our surroundings.  so much so, that some of us decided to meditate.  oh and by the way, I'm currently offering private yoga lessons.  for more details, call 1-800-now-we've-heard-and-seen-it-all.  ha!

it was a spectacular day!



jen said...

Yoga lessons, eh? I'm just having a hard time not imagining someone giving you a little push off of your rocky perch into the river behind!

Keith and Kim Kesti said...

I think I'll stick with Remedial Meditation taught by Second Oldest Guru Master Andrew. His chakras are much more in order than yours.

jessica said...

jen- I can't believe I didn't just fall in! :D
and Kim- pfft. you're just jealous of my form ;)