a boy and a dump truck, among other things.

turns out we had a busy weekend after all.  it seems we did nothing but run our butts off.  so much for any relaxing, but still, it was fun!

Saturday found us procuring groceries; first a trip to Sam's Club, followed by a run to Safeway.  lately we've been trying to shop for two weeks at a time, which is nice, although it requires planning out a menu in advance and being more organized in general.  it's been a much welcomed change though, as I was tired of last minute, trying to figure out what to make and consequently having to run to the grocery store to pick up a few items.  or even worse, making Gary run there after work.  now I just look at the menu for the week, take a quick vote amongst the kids, and KA-CHOW! dinner is served!  tonight  it's Mexican Curry.    

our fridge can't fit all the milk and OJ we need for a two-week period, so we do have to run out for a few more gallons in between, but still.  beats making a daily trip for sure.  okay, and I'm totally laughing after I wrote "a few more gallons."  I bet we go through about 12 gallons of milk in two weeks.  no osteoporosis over here!

I'm guessing we've forked over enough money for groceries throughout the years that surely by now we must own half of some grocery store somewhere, or at least a few aisles, anyway.

happiness is stocked cupboards.
the rest of the day included haircuts, a trip to Old Navy (40% off clearance), Marshalls, Ross, Target and the mall.  followed by a 3 1/2 mile run with the hubby before going out for dinner with the fam.  awesome.

on Sunday we headed to Phoenix.  on the venue for the day was Sunday school, church and an afternoon of visiting.  the moms and girls escaped for a bit to hike Pinnacle Peak.  the fresh air and exercise felt wonderful!  'twas a fabulous day all around!

this kid spent THEE entire afternoon scooping sand and pushing dump trucks around the yard.  he had an absolute hay day!  for once in his life he actually played with a toy, instead of things like razors and such.  melted my heart, I tell you.  in fact, he was so into these trucks that he refused to eat lunch even.  instead, he just paused every now and then to take a few licks from his double-barrel SNOT gun nose and kept on a-pushing.  three square meals a day in the form gooey boogers?  serious nutrion right THERE.

bottom line: he acted like a normal toddler yesterday.  not once did I find him monkeying with something he shouldn't be.  

so maybe there IS hope for Rowan after all.  could he possibly be turning over a new leaf?  or should I be running out and purchasing a dump truck ASAP?  or what?  let's all pray it's the former.        

sorry for the late post.  the kids are off school today and we've been busy baking and gutting out and re-organizing the pantry.  gotta make room for all those groceries, ya know.

YIPEE-YI-O!  have a wonderful Monday!



Chet and Laura said...

My brother Ryan was a naughty little kid and the doctor told my mom he just needed attention.

able mabel said...

The worst part about Costco (or Sam's) runs is finding places to put all the groceries. Good thing (I think) it's only a matter of days before most of it's gone.