a new year, a new beginning.

one of the reasons I look forward to the new year is starting out with a clean, fresh slate-- shedding the mistakes from the old year and making new goals to strive for, whether it be losing those last.five.pounds, eating healthier, exercising more regularly, de-cluttering and getting organized, and so on.

my mistake in the past has been to create these grandiose resolutions, in which I vow to totally transform myself, and as a result I end up failing miserably.  I have come to the conclusion that it's not because I'm weak or lacking in resolve, it's just that change-- real, lasting change-- is difficult. in an effort to make it easier on myself, I'm trying out a different tactic this year-- that which involves attaining my goals a step at a time.  for example, instead of resolving to run a marathon in say a month from now or something ridiculous like that, I'll start with 2-4 miles.  and keep building on that.

you know Lao-tzu's brilliant adage "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step?"  well, it couldn't be more true.  with each step we take it increases our momentum, giving us that extra nudge to keep going.  and before we know it, it's smooth sailing.

and most importantly, believe in yourself!  you CAN do it!

so, if you feel so inclined, tell me one thing you would love to accomplish this year.  I would love to hold you to it.



Briita M said...

wow, these pics are totally Jessica jr.

Keilah said...

:) smiling at Briita's comment.
and the pictures are really cool.

Jess said...

woah for a second i thought jake was you! ~Jess

jessica said...

okay. totally getting the hint that Jake needs a haircut here.. LOL. it's on this week's agenda!

Ruth said...

How about the one thing I would love to accomplish this year is...to have this baby! (only 14 more weeks;)