sledding escapade.

just a quick photo-share today, as this already-challenged brainsicle of mine is functioning a bit on the slow side due to an exhausting, but fun hike and snowboard run at Snowbowl yesterday. (more on that later.)  


a couple Sundays ago, Keith, Kim and fam came up from Phoenix for the day to visit and play in the snow.

and speaking of Phoenicians and their hankering to frolic in the snow, I find it altogether amusing that, instead of hunting down an actual sledding area, some of them will simply pull off the FREEWAY and sled in the ditches along the exit ramps to get their snow fix.  but hey, I guess if you're desperate enough to see snow, then whatever works, right?  still, I can't help but shake my head and laugh whenever I see this.

we discovered a great sledding hill in town this winter that isn't overly populated.  it's nice not to have to fight for a slot to get down the hill or have to worry about crashing into other sledders.    

when the Phoenicians finally do decide to come up and play in the snow, it involves having to scrounge through what little winter outerwear they own, which typically consists of an assortment of mismatched items.  and so they arrive looking rather rainbow-ish, as evidenced by my SIL Kim (pictured above.) LOL. 

that's all folks!



Keith and Kim Kesti said...

Hey now. That was a carefully coordinated ensemble. Heh. I want some copies of these!

Kendra Jean Photography said...

Looks fun! We are hoping to get up to the snow at least once this winter! But we gotta round up everything, we don't have a single item for snow!!