this girl is something else I tell you.

Phoebe: my shoe feels funny.

me: do you want to take it off?

Phoebe (sighing): I'll live.


Phoebe: I want some breakfast.

me: but you already ate breakfast, remember? you had a piece of toast.

Phoebe (thinking for a second): that was fake toast.


Phoebe: can you get me on pbskids.org?

me: no. not right now.

Phoebe (whining): but why?

me: because I said.

Phoebe (arms crossed): I'm so mad I could pinch you.


Phoebe: mom, I love you so much. I'm going to eat you up. (commences eating noises.) I ate you up. (she hears me tell Scarlett this on a daily basis.)

me: thanks. what did I taste like?

Phoebe: like brown... furry... balls.


workbooks: $5.00  crayons: $3.00  stickers: $1.00  watching my daughter color the afternoon away: priceless


PS. I added a "project 365" tab (underneath my blog header) so you can peek at my photo-a-day progress (if you feel so inclined) and chew me out if I miss a day ;)


Anonymous said...

She is such a doll and melts my heart. I love her smile and I love her !! Great aunt Becca

Chet and Laura said...

I love this age. Avery told me I was being 'noying at the store, when I thought I was being rather funny.

Linda said...


Keilah said...

lol! yes, she is something else. You definitely need to keep recording the things she says. Give her a book of her own quips for an 18th birthday present!! :L

Anonymous said...

i really DID Laugh Out Loud when i read about how she wanted to pinch you. :) ~hlb

Dave and Brianna said...

I love your Idea for 365 photos!

Anonymous said...

What a hoot! She sure is a treat!