don't worry, be happy.

tell me, how could you not smile at this photo? :) it just makes me Laugh Out Loud.

the following story is totally unrelated to the picture.

yesterday, I had this sudden, gigantic craving for something sweet.  I'm talking like something so sweet it makes your teeth hurt.  I thought back to when I had last indulged myself in anything remotely sugary, and, I know this is going to sound pathetic, but it had been at least two weeks.  TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!! (well, save for a teeny tiny bite of an O'Henry bar but that doesn't count.) ACK!  how I made it that long, I have no idea, but no wonder I was hungering for something toothsome.

FYI: Hannah, Sawyer* and myself have been on a no candy kick since Jan 1st (everyone else has long since succumbed), but we do allow ourselves to enjoy sweets (cookies, cakes, etc) on occasion.  just no candy.  you know, like those creamy, chocolatey Cadbury eggs and... oh {sob} what I wouldn't give for a Cadbury egg.  please hold me, sniff.

*Sawyer has been offered candy numerous times at school and he's either refused it or else taken it, only to later give it away.  the kid amazes me.  never thought he'd still be going strong.  

anyway, Gary and I decided that we'd go out on a hot date to Coco's and order up a couple "healthy" pieces of pie, extra whip, a la mode, hey whatever it takes, right?  well, we never made it.  groan.  we got busy doing other things, like taxes and catching up on facebook, among other "stuffs" which were obviously deemed more important than filling our tummies with pie.  plus, Gary was a little under the weather, and I had kinked my neck somehow and could barely turn my head. (remind me to schedule an appointment at the chiropractor today.) so there we both sat like two bumps on a log the.entire.evening. can you say (ailing) "old farts?"  I hate to even admit that

well, surprise!  my sweet tooth is still aching for a sacchariferous(?) treat.  will someone deliver me a piece of french silk pie on the double?

pretty please?  with a cherry on top?


PS. on second thought, skip the cherry.  I hate those fake red things.


Jeff and Ramona said...

Haha, your story makes me laugh. good for you to stick to the no candy thing. I am trying hard this year no to buy any candy. If I get it from other sources that is okay, but I thought I would like to not support the candy industry this year. I have been doing pretty good. I have to say, I have bought a couple little things at the check out for the kids, but I am impressed with how well I have done. You know how easy it is to through a bag of candy in the shopping cart every week? Too easy for me, so I am breaking that habit! i wish i could deliver you that piece of pie.

Jeff and Ramona said...

P.S. i love the picture of Scarlett. That did make me smile!

Briita said...

We've had four kids do no sweets for a whole year (two did it two years in a row)! How they did it, I don't know (well they did get $100 for that great feat). Each time I would join up w/them in the beginning but I sure didn't last long!