on the Rowan front.

perhaps some of you have wondered where Rowan (the atomic bomb disguised as a kid) has disappeared to?  well, for those of you wanting to know, the reason I haven't blogged about him lately is because, uh well, we locked him away in the attic for a couple months.

I'm totally, TOTALLY kidding. (but that's not saying I've never thought about it ;)

actually, in terms of naughtiness, Rowan has, for the most part, turned over a new leaf, knock on wood.  and by "for the most part," I mean that instead of being a total headache, he's now just a partial one.  he still has his moments, but at least they're becoming fewer and farther between. maybe due to the fact that he's now closer to three than two?  whatever the reason, it definitely calls for a few cartwheels.

for a while there it seemed like his ill-behavior was NEVER going to end, and that I'd be completely gray by age 35.  on most days, he had me simultaneously crying, laughing, and tearing my hair out, leaving me only to question, "what on earth did I do to deserve a kid like this?"  and then the memories from my rebellious teenage years came flooding back and I was all, crud, I'm doomed.    

anyway, as I mentioned earlier, Rowan hasn't completely outgrown his mischievous ways.  his most recent craze involves the use of drawing utensils; crayons, markers, pens, pencils, you name it, he's not picky.  I just wish he'd use a different medium besides the wall or his body.  oh and I almost forgot, he doesn't like to wear clothes, either.  tra la la, less wash for me.  how's that for a silver lining?

I'm recording these pictures simply because I can not wait to show his kids all the awesome things he did.  like look kids, your dad was so funny HINT, HINT. 
a budding artist, wouldn't you agree?  although he acted extremely embarrassed while I took these photos, strangely enough, I felt no remorse. instead, I laughed maniacally.  I know, such a cruel mother, but no way could I keep a straight face.  what a kid.

also, judging by the cute smiley face, it appears there was an accomplice involved, aka, Ida Know.  have you seen him/her around your place?

just wondering.


PS. oh Rowan, life would be so boring without you! :)


Selma said...

Hooboy! What a hoot. Love that he's a bit embarrassed to have his artwork photographed. I was wondering about that smiley face...Ida Know must be from the neighbor's house and is related to Not Me ...

jen said...

Is that his name I see above the smiley face? At least he's washable!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, what a character! Thanks for a good chuckle! I have a "rowan" one and a half year old and it had me thinking help I have a long time to go to reach three!

Brenda said...

Good thing there are so cute too huh?! My 2 1/2 year old girl reminds me a lot of Rowan!