sneak peek.

Hannah turned fourteen yesterday.  I know, March is definitely 'the month' for birthdays around here.  whew.

anyway, a friend from school curled her hair all pretty and gave her a tiara to wear for the day.  she absolutely loved how it turned out, and so did I. so much so, that before taking her out for dinner (she wanted Mexican), we quickly sailed downtown to grab a few pictures.  I had visions of a field with golden sunlight, but alas, everything is still brown around here.  besides, we were pressed for time.  in the end I captured some really beautiful images, which I'll share tomorrow.

after dinner, we (as in her, Gary, and I) headed to a parent orientation evening at the high school, where Hannah will be going next year.  EEP!  did I just say high school?  un-stinkin'-believable.  gosh, not that terribly long ago I was roaming the halls of high school myself, trying desperately to fit in and act cool as I learned my way around.  seriously, wasn't that only like, yesterday?  no? apparently my body parts are telling me otherwise.  well, as a greeting card informed me long ago: "may your coconuts never hang lower than your grass skirt."  phew, so far so good :)    

more of this lovely young lady coming soon.

happy last day of March!



Becca said...

Super cute - Happy Birthday Hannah ! Love you!

john*buffy said...

cool, we share a birthday! happy belated birthday hannah! -buffylahti

Anonymous said...

Wow! She looks like you! :) pretty girl! And I think it was the day before yesterday that you were roaming the halls of high school! Isn't it amazing how fast the years go! Rita

Anonymous said...

hannah is beautiful!! Happy birthday! Jess

Anonymous said...

adorable photo Hannah,, she is so photogenic ...