winner and a wallop.

top of the morning to you!  okay, okay, afternoon then.  but who's keeping track of time, anyway?  let me guess, probably those of you who have been waiting (and waiting and waiting) for me to announce the winner, am I right? ;)  well, let's just pretend we live in Australia and that it's still morning.  sound good?                 

ugh.  speaking of mornings, mine was quite harum-scarum.  guess it didn't help that we got home late last night, leaving zero time to get organized for today-- the first day back to school after a week off.  to say it was one huge mad scramble would be an understatement.  there were people fighting over counter space to get lunches made. other people couldn't find their tennies.  most acted like zombies.  apparently someone forgot, as in accidentally on purpose, that they had homework.  and then Rowan and Scarlett decided to join forces on the poop front, each managing to load their drawers like three times.  all this before eight o'clock.  throw a doctor appointment and an orthodontist appointment into the mix and it pretty much felt like NYC at rush hour around here this morning.  everybody go, go, GO!  hurry, faster!  I said, moooove it!  

anyway, I somehow managed to make it out alive, but now I'm left to deal with the aftermath that very much resembles an F5 tornado.  FUN!

to make matters worse, we woke up to this walloping snow storm on get this, the first day of spring.  hello?

winter, I think I speak for many of us: get off our lawn.

okay, on to more important things.  according to random.org, the winner is commenter #39:

       Anita said...

"We pretty much need to own. I have a hubby who needs a project all the time or goes stir crazy ... and I do love to move nail holes around the walls. It would certainly be nice to have a landlord at my beck and call for the big things!"

Anita- email me at jessica.kesti@gmail.com and I'll send along your gift code.  congrats, and happy shopping!

good day!


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