meet Spike.

first of all, I couldn't help but chuckle after reading the comments about my fashionable "hiking" attire, LOL.  sure, if you want to call jeans and converse "fashionable", I'll take it!  oh, I'm just teasing ;-) I guess I shouldn't refer to these outings with my pre-schoolers as "hikes", because they're a far cry from any sort of workout.  maybe a more appropriate term would be "nature walk", or "stroll", even, so I figure any type of clothing goes.  obviously, if I'm going to do a hard core hike, I throw on heels and a chunky necklace.  like, DUH!  bwahahahahaha!  I bet you can hardly wait to see pics from our Havasupai hike now!  hee.  red heels all the way, baby!  right.  and I'd be as good as dead.

have I ever mentioned that I love blogging?  your comments always make me smile, or laugh out loud.

anyway, back when Rowan was going through all the hair debacles, it seemed like we were continually buzzing his head to get rid of the "evidence"-- the chops, snips, and shaves, etc.  during that time, I affectionately took to calling him "Buzz" because more often than not, he was sporting a... wait for it... buzz cut!  makes me cringe thinking about it.  fortunately, he appears to have laid the hair-cutting hijinks to rest, and unfortunately, has taken to chugging coffee creamer from the fridge instead.  yeah, it's always something.  anyway, this hair-cutting hiatus has finally given his hair a chance to grow out.  and it's gotten quite long on the top, actually.

a couple days ago, I busted him in the bathroom spiking his long locks.  I was able to snap a few pictures before he noticed me.  it was the most hilarious thing ever.

he's now officially "Spike."

happy Wednesday!



Anonymous said...

He is so cute!Beth B.

Selma said...

Mr. Spike Rowan always makes me smile. That's some serious spiking going on there; love his expressions. Laughed out loud about chugging the creamer! Ish. The kid must have some serious calcium and/or fat deficiency...or is part cat.

Ramona Johnson said...

He is so adorable!

able mabel said...

Catching up on your blog. I've been slightly MIA lately.

Love these pictures!! He is so earnest in his hair styling!

jen said...

The kid is seriously CUTE!

Anonymous said...

aww cute!