photo shoot fun.

unfortunately, I don't think I'll have much time for blogging this week.  BUT.  I did take oodles of pictures over the weekend, so for now, I guess you'll have to put up with some eye candy instead.  which is better than nothing, I suppose.

on Friday, I took some photos for 1crown3tiaras boutique.  seriously, I LOVE her designs, and practically faint whenever a package shows up in the mail from her.  psst, head on over there and check out her shop-- she just listed a bunch of new items! 

and now a little "behind the scenes" action from my day; take one.

okay.  so I had this awesome idea to get a bunch of balloons for the shoot, right?  anyway, I vaguely remembered this party store on the other side of town, sort of a hole in the wall place, and decided to try my luck there.  I about died when I saw the polka-dot balloons, and of course, HAD to have them.

I pay for the balloons and carefully corral them into the van.  I give the littles strict instructions not to lay a finger on them, or else.  I get oh, not even a quarter-mile down the road, and all of the sudden, POP!  I glance back to survey the damage.  there, lying on the bench in a shriveled up heap of latex, is the green polka-dot balloon.  and, according to Phoebe, NO ONE EVEN TOUCHED IT!  sigh.  I head back to the store and relate my sob story.  luckily, the lady just gives me another one, only she has that "I'll do it just this ONE time" attitude about her.  this time, I manage to get the balloons home safe and sound, and promptly lock them in my room.  the balloons, not the kids.  because as we all know, kids and balloons don't mix.

alright-y then.  balloons: check.  now it's time to get the "model" ready.  I inform Phoebe that I'd like to curl her hair, and she excitedly agrees.  after two curls, she asks, "are you done yet?  this is taking like,  FOR-EVER."  in case you were wondering, patience is not high on her list of attributes.  after much coaxing, I finally finish.  model dressed and hair done: check.  coffee and advil for me: double check.  

 I load everything into the van and drive to the location of the shoot, only I'm not sure where that is yet.  you see, if I were an actual photographer, I would have scouted out a place beforehand.  but alas, I'm not, so we just drive around and around (and around) until something strikes my fancy.  like this green door, for instance.  

I get Phoebe all situated, snap a whole three pictures (that's 2, plus one more), and BAM! BANG!  two more polka-dot balloons meet their fate.  deep breath, Jessicadeep breath.      

at least it was a happy ending :-) 
gorgeous headband from Silly Me Baby.  Kim creates the most fabulous hair pieces ever!
aaaand last but not least: living proof that this girl is 110% drama.




Keilah said...

ha! I LOVE the drama photos! She is such a character!

Anonymous said...

She is SO adorable!!! Cant even get over it :) ~Jess

john*buffy said...

oh so so so cute!

Anonymous said...

very cute! love the balloon idea!!! :)

MnSue said...

love them. Love the polk a dot balloons! The outfits are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

these are darling! you have got talent!

Amy Witt said...

Fun and Adorable!! She looks like Rowan in the pouting shot!

Becca said...

Jess - these pictures are so adorable. I'd like a copy of the one with the dandelions. That pop of yellow really stands out. You've managed to capture the essence of Phoebe in these shots. I love that girl to pieces. Gotta get her and Ella down my way again soon.