a funny story about a headband.

or maybe a more appropriate title would be "The Case of the Mistaken Identity."

about a month ago, I entered to win a darling headband from Silly Me Baby via a contest on Facebook.

after the contest ended, Kim (the talent behind Silly Me Baby) posted on Facebook that she had drawn a name and the winner was announced on her blog.  out of curiosity, I clicked on the link to the post to see who this lucky person was.  and what do you know?
there, typed out in super duper extra large print was my name, Jessica Kesti. well, maybe it wasn't quite that large, but you get the idea.  

to say I was shell-shocked would be an understatement because I NEVER WIN.  depressingly enough, I can't even say that I've won a measly chip clip.  you know, the little gadgets that you clip on your chip bag to prevent the chips from going stale, that are given away by the dozens at Tupperware parties and the like?  yeah, the consultant would have like 20 of them to give away, only there'd be 21 people at the party.  guess who left empty-handed?  of all the rotten luck.

anyway, I was sooo thrilled that I immediately left a comment on Kim's blog saying something to the effect of "sweet, this is so cool! can't believe I actually won!" etc, etc.  I think I even posted a status update on Facebook about it, too.  I mean surely, this was something to shout about!  hello, I was now a WINNER, right?


on a whim, I decided to go back and double check the post, to make sure it really was me who had won.  

upon further inspection, the winner's comment (shown in the blog post) did not look one bit familiar; it definitely wasn't what I had remembered having said.  for a second I was a little confused.  like, huh?  how could I have won, but yet the comment doesn't ring a bell?  was I losing my mind?  then it dawned on me.  of course!  it was my sister-in-law Jessica's comment.  she had won, not me. (for those of you that are slightly confused-- a couple years ago, my husband's brother also married a Jessica, making two of us with the same name.  we don't reside in the same state, so sometimes I forget that there's another Jessica Kesti running around :-) LOL.

I was excited for Jessica, but still.  nothing like having the wind taken out of your sails.  I quickly sent a message to Kim, explaining how I had just assumed it was me who had won, before thoroughly reading the post.  soon after, I was laughing my head off over my silly mistake.  chalk another one up for the Queen of Brilliance!  right.  feeling bad about the misunderstanding, Kim, bless her heart, decided to send a headband to me as well, under one condition: that I take pictures of one of my girls modeling it so she could post them in her etsy shop.

she didn't have to twist my arm too hard :-)

I think the ending to this story goes something like this: "and they both lived happily ever after."



Kimberly said...

haha. Made my day :)

Ramona Johnson said...

Awesome! Lovely photos also!

Briita said...

and always cute clothes to match whatever accessory you may have:) cute!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

lol! Such confusment! Im glad you got a headband too! And yes, we both lived happily ever after :) ~jess