this hat WAS a newborn photography prop.  how he managed to get it on his huge noggin, I'll never know.
Rowan is exactly ten days away from turning three.  am I foolish to think that the second he turns three, the naughtiness will just magically disappear, and that he'll instantly turn into prince charming?  or will his level of mischief only triple?

let's all pray it's the former.          


PS. have any of you had a terroristic-like two year-old?  if so, did they get better once they turned three, or is there simply no hope?  on second thought, please tell me there is hope.  I'm at my wits end with this kid.


Kimberly said...

no hope :)

Anonymous said...

lol! he sure is cute, anyways!

Pete and Becky said...

Good thing he is so cute and you have all these darling pictures of him. When he grows up and leaves home you'll look back at these pictures and only remember the cuteness and the days he made you laugh. :)

Chet and Laura said...

My two year old's haven't been all that bad. It's the one year old's.... Good thing they're so cute.

Amy Wittenberg said...

I have one of those two year olds who turned three and forgot to turn in her terrible two card!! She's the funniest at times tho!

Anita said...

You don't want to hear my answer on this one! That's why he's so stinkin' cute ... it'll carry you through the next year! :)