a few things.

just a few random things on my mind today, so here goes.

a while ago (longer than I care to admit), a few of you had asked which photo editing program I use.  (and I apologize for not getting to this question sooner, but you know, pregnancy brain!  I tell you, this absentmindedness is getting to me.  but, I've relented to the fact that it's going to be a while before it disappears, and that it'll probably get worse before it gets better.  so bear with me, okay?  thanks, I knew you'd understand.)   

anyway, I use Adobe Photoshop CS4.  however, I do shoot in RAW, and truthfully, I make most of my adjustments in Camera Raw (ie; white balance, contrast, blacks, clarity, vibrance) before opening up the image in photoshop.  after bringing the image into photoshop, I may (or may not) run a couple actions (I have thesethese and these freebies from here), depending on what kind of look I'm after.  I know there are a lot of editing trends out there, but personally, I prefer a more "timeless" look to my photos. so, if you think my pictures are boring or dull, I TOTALLY get it.  I guess I'd rather focus my energy on getting the image I want and nailing the exposure the first time, rather than the post-processing part.  but honestly, it all boils down to personal preference and doing whatever works best for you.  is there a right or wrong way to edit?  probably not.  

I have plans to write up a more in-depth post on the steps I go through after uploading a photo, so keep an eye out for that.  um, I just have to figure out how to do it first (I know, details, right?)  sound good?

great, moving on.

if you recall, a while back I had mentioned getting Phoebe tested to see if she could start Kindergarten early (she misses the cut-off by 4 days.) well, for the past five weeks, she's been attending Kinder Camp, which is basically a program geared towards readying Kindergartners (mostly those needing an extra boost) for the school world, both socially and academically.  I guess you could say it's kind of like a condensed version of a typical school day.

just last week, I met with Phoebe's teachers for an evaluation.  they informed me that Phoebe was doing excellent and is indeed ready for Kindergarten-- she's able to focus and follow instructions, she's recognizing letters/numbers and can write her name, she's raising her hand and asking for help when she needs it, she's interacting with other kids and has made a few friends.

of course, our decision to send her hasn't been without doubts (are we doing the right thing? will she continuously struggle?), but after getting the go-ahead from Phoebe's teachers, it did give me some peace of mind.  I think she'll do just fine.

photos taken on her last day of Kinder Camp.  the bus driver insisted on being in the picture.  creepy, or what?

so, in just a couple of weeks, we'll send seven kids off to school.  crazy, huh?  in fact, after purchasing supplies, tennies and backpacks for all those kids, we are now accepting donations at www...


have a great weekend!



Liisa said...

Ahhh... Phoebe is already headed to school - Where does the time go... I am sure you guys made the right decision and she'll do great in school!

Anonymous said...

Tough decision...I have an Aug 23rd child and have researched a little about the "cut off" dates in the U.S. Some states have Oct, Nov, and Dec cut off dates. I feel that means there is not enough evidence about a childs success in school based on being age 5 by sept 1st. You know your child better than anyone else, sent her to kindercamp...be at rest with your decision! Love your blog and photos! Crystal Hillukka