to clarify: no, we didn't go to California AGAIN, although if someone were to inform me that they were heading there this weekend, I think I would drop everything and jump in the ride.  just like that.  oh right, I can't jump.  well then, maybe I could just roll myself... excuse me, what was that?  you're telling me I should stay home because I could like, HAVE THIS BABY ANY DAY?


please don't remind me as my anxiety level has already soared into what surely must be outer space by now.  in fact, I've been giving myself daily pep talks in hopes that it will help ease my distress over having to give birth again, and it goes something like this: "look, Jessica.  you've done this nine times already.  NINE.  really, what's one more time?  I mean shoot, number ten should pretty much just "fall out" right?  and then you'll be all, hey that was such a breeze why did I waste all that time worrying when I could've been relaxing, like I could easily do that ten more times no problem-o...


okay, so maybe the pep talk needs a little uh, fine tuning?

but, I digress.  let's see, we were talking about... um... not giving birth but... racking brain... uh... er...

oh yeah, our California trip!  how could I forget?

(please excuse my scattered thoughts as I'm currently suffering from a severe case of "Baby on the Brain" CAN YOU TELL?)

so, the KOA had these Banana Peel bikes that you could rent by the hour, etc.  the kids (and I confess, their mom and dad too!) had a blast cruising around on them.  we even held races to see who could do the loop around the KOA the fastest.  in fact, the bikes were such a hit that we actually considered buying one.  except after finding out that they cost $500 a piece (are you kidding?), we quickly changed our minds.  sorry kids, go ask your rich uncle... what's his name?  Don?  hahahaaa.  

I keep telling Gary, "you DO realize that your weird/funny faces are being posted for the whole world to see, right?"  obviously he doesn't care.
oops, this girl's not four anymore!

I would say this is by far one of the nicest KOA's we've stayed at.  there's a swimming pool and hot tub (relaxing), two playgrounds (great for burning off energy), laundry facilities (just in case), and showers (a must have.)  just about everything you'd ever need to keep the kids occupied and out of your hair.


I didn't take very many pictures at Sea World as we were too busy trying to keep the kids corralled and in our line of sight, especially the dynamic duo; Rowan and Scarlett. judging by the number of a.) stares b.) comments c.) questions or d.) all of the above we got by curious onlookers, I felt like we had our own show going on most of the time.  

"listen up folks!  come watch the Kesti's as they battle to keep nine kids under control at a huge theme park!  this is a most spectacular feat, I tell you!  one that you definitely won't want to miss!  and did I mention that the mom is huge and pregnant with, oh my goodness, number TEN?  craz-eee!  again, you don't want to miss this!"

would you believe me if I told you we were at Sea World for, wait for it... thirteen hours?  true story.  only I won't mention how many times I threatened to leave during those thirteen hours.
not sure who is having more fun here.  the dad, or the kids?
it was a hot day, so a few of the older kids sat in the soak zone at the Shamu show.  they got drenched!

this concludes the California posts.  we hope you enjoyed the "show!"



Andrea said...

hahaha you crack me up. I love your honesty here, there are no tinted glasses. Your family is beautiful, thank you for sharing these moments. All the best for your next arrival.... Andrea (New Zealand)

Anonymous said...

I would say it appeared that Gary was having more fun than the kids!! Looks like a blast, I think we need a vacation next summer! Good luck with the arrival of what number was it???? TEN?????? CRAZYYYYYY!!!! :-) Rita

Amy Wittenberg said...

Looked like a great time!! I don't know how many times I've heard "You could have your own reality show!" when people hear these babies are #7&8! They'd probably really croak if they saw our daily life living in a 600sq ft trailer:) Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy! Any day now:)