ulterior motive.

admittedly, I had an ulterior motive the day we went apple picking in Sedona, and that was to take pictures.  bet you would've never guessed that in a million years, right?  I mean, me?  take pictures?  do chickens have beaks?

in fact, Gary just confessed to me a couple weeks ago that he'd almost said forget it! when I first mentioned that I wanted to purchase a DSLR camera because you know, DOLLAR SIGNS!  he assumed it would be "just another one of my phases" (yeah, so there's been a few), and that after a couple months the camera would be tucked away on the shelf collecting dust, and he'd be left sobbing into his pillow at night over a waste of several hundred dollars.         

and here's where I get to butt in and say, "was he wrong you guys, or WAS HE WRONG?!"  like they say, never assume anything, because it makes... well, you know. 

in the past two and a half years, my trusty dusty camera has been here, there and EVERYWHERE.  from 14, 000 foot mountain tops, to the deep depths of the Grand Canyon and beyond.  wherever I go, my camera goes.  I guess you could call it my third "eye?"

I have not once regretted the purchase.  and fortunately, neither has Gary, which I just now found out.  

here's Ella, modeling 1crown3tiaras:     

so.  bet you can't guess what the first thing to go in my hospital bag was, before my underwear even?



Keilah said...

Love the pictures! I'd say you got your worth out of the camera LONG ago! :) And I can't wait to see pics of little Finley! Congrats!!!

Heidi Riuta said...

Love your pics, and you scored on the Missoni, I tried but it was sold out, congrats also on your little guy can't wait to see.

able mabel said...

well, what are you waiting for? where are the pics?