thought I'd pop in here and give you a run-down on the latest happenings since Finley's arrival, if I can remember even.  I mean, it has been five whole days, you know. crazy though, how something so tiny can create such a stir.  all I can say is, whew.

hmmm, let's see.

we arrived home from the hospital early Friday afternoon, just in time to meet the elementary school kids as they were getting off the bus.  thus commenced the arguing slash fighting between Ella and Phoebe over who got to hold Finley first.  or "Finlin" as Phoebe keeps wanting to call him.  yeah.  apparently, Phoebe told her teacher she has a new baby brother named Finlin.  WHAT.  I'm sure the teacher scratched her head over that one.  although with all the strange names floating around these days, maybe she didn't even bat an eye?

after being fought over loved on the entire evening, Finley slept a five and a half hour stretch that night.  WELCOME HOME, BABY.  hehehe.

what else?  

ranking among one of the top five most chaotic days of my life, Saturday was mostly a blur.  the little kids (Sawyer on down) were awake at the crack of dawn NO LIE, and fighting and screaming over who knows what shortly thereafter.

in an attempt to drown out the noise and ambush the headache I suddenly felt coming on, I promptly whipped the pillow over my head and considered checking myself and Finley into a hotel for the weekend.  knowing full well that wasn't a realistic option (like who would drive me there?), I resorted to Arm Chair Parenting instead, barking out orders from my perch in the living room.  unfortunately, my demands to bring me coffee! and rub my feet! fell upon deaf ears.  that's when I began brainstorming creative ways to list "slightly used children" on craigslist.  kidding.  well, maybe only a little.

I somehow managed... no.  scratch that.  only after locking myself in my bedroom, did I somehow manage to survive the afternoon.  after a gourmet dinner of ham buns, followed by the fastest packing job in the history of mankind (because I was all but shoving him out the door), Gary (plus seven kids) headed down to Phoenix for the night. with just me, Hannah, Myra and Finley left at home, suddenly I could breathe again.  that evening, the girls whipped up a lemon cake which we devoured while playing Phase 10.  I NEED the extra calories now, right?

Sunday was blissful.  while Hannah and Myra worked on their homework, I kicked up my feet and snuggled with Finley.  the troops didn't get home until nine o'clock Sunday night.  good-bye quiet, hello bedlam.

Gary was home yesterday, using up the last day of his paternity leave.  he spent the day browning hamburger and shredding cooked chicken to put in the freezer, while I joked about practicing for our retirement years.  although hopefully by the time we retire, there won't be a river of wash flowing out of the laundry room threatening to drown us.  unless at age 65, I suddenly decide that I need to change outfits twice a day or something.  you never know.  

that leads us to today.  thanks to friends/family members, bless their hearts, Rowan and Scarlett are in Phoenix for the week.  *enter chorus of hallelujahs*  which means that while the rest of the kids are at school, Finley and I get to fill our days with well, absolutely nothing.  I mean, how relaxing is that?  in fact, the house is so quiet, it's almost... erie.  but you know what?  suddenly, erie is my best friend.

a few snapshots from the hospital.

that's 4:18 A.M.  Gary got about an hour and a half of sleep that night before he had to get up and get the kids off to school. 
The Motley Crew.  Scarlett's already glaring at me for kicking her out of the baby slot.
heading home: will he ever fill this thing up?
and now I'm off to cuddle with little Finley!  such a treat!

good day!



Martha said...

There is nothing like the craziness of coming home with a newborn baby...but it's so worth it! The snuggling, cuddling & kissing up of the angelic newborn...is priceless! Wishing you a speedy recovery, long restful nights and a happy & healthy baby! I'm sure before we know it...you will have hiking pictures with Finley "somewhere" in that backpack of yours! Has anyone invented a "double" backpack yet??? Lol! Good Luck Jessica...you look great and your baby and family are adorable!

Anonymous said...

so cute!! He looks just like a boy:)Gives me baby fever...! i have had my Maternal newborn rotation at the hospital the past 4 weeks so that may be contributing too! :) Congrats again! ~jess

jen said...

Whew! is right! Enjoy your peaceful week without the rug rats-I mean cute little toddlers.

Selma said...

Belated congratulations on your two foot addition to your house. I bet you had to use a crowbar to get some of those 7 kids out the door and on their way to Phoenix. I know if I was one of those 7 kids I would have fought tooth and nail to stay home with Mom and Mr. Finlin Finley. Reminds me of the time my Mom got the name of her new grandson a bit wrong. She told people his name was "Ruffle". She was only two letters off and "f" and "s" sort of sound the same to a Finlan'r!

Briita said...

one moment at a time can make for some long days, but somehow we all survive:) Looks just like Sawyer! Enjoy the quiet week. Still have your sense of humor so you must be doing ok:) Congratulations!

Kara said...

That chaos of coming home is something I don't think I can ever get use to!
But now the quiet week your enjoying, that is bliss!
Thanks for all the fun hospital photos, it gets me inspired for the next time...

denise said...

Jessica, your whole family is so cute! That new little boy of yours fits right in and is so precious! Enjoy your week and dont be out shopping now:) Hope he is a good baby, he sure looks like a little angel!

Barb Makela said...

So precious!! Congratulations - Love, Aunt Barb

Anonymous said...

congratulations! what a dolly! blissful, to have 2 toddlers occupied so you can get some needed sleep...Leanne. ps: i like that the nurse blinged up her blue gloves nicely for baby's arrival! she must've known it would get her on your blog? :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new baby boy, he is so cute. Beth

Anonymous said...

Darling pictures, as usual. So nice for you to get a couple of the full time noise makers out of the house so you can get a full recovery. Good Luck and enjoy your little Finley!!! Lynette G

Brita said...

Hi. I don't even know how I found your blog, but I enjoy it. I am 35 yrs old, and I have 10 kids. I get the whole poooop thing. :)