back to reality.

with the two little rugrats back in my custody again, this week has been rather interesting.  by interesting, I mean just a little crazy.  trying to care for a newborn while keeping tabs on two high-energy toddlers so they don't burn the house down?  uh well, let's just say I've had my work cut out for me.    

on Monday morning, Scarlett was up bright and early (think 6 a.m.) screaming like a banshee.  not sure why, other than maybe that was her way of saying thanks.  thanks for up and leaving me for a week, you rotten parents IMMA SHOW YOU.  unfortunately, pulling the pillow over your head in an attempt to tune out a situation such as this one, I learned, just doesn't work.  period.

because the pitch of the scream suddenly jumped to 170 decibels, the approximate sound of a rifle going off right beside your head.  HOW DARE YOU IGNORE ME LIKE THAT!!!        

oh that's such a lovely good morning song, Scarlett!  how thoughtful of you!  in fact, I couldn't think of a better way to start the day CAN YOU PLEASE GO BACK TO BED NOW?  I mean, come on.  don't you care that I was up every two hours last night with your little brother?

unfortunately, once an eighteen month-old has made up their mind, there's absolutely no changing it.  not even if I promised to be her friend on facebook.   

the rest of the morning consisted of feeding, burping, changing three (yes THREE!) diaper butts, breaking up fights between Rowan and Scarlett, laundry, more feeding, more burping, more changing, more laundry IS IT LUNCH TIME YET?

as I went about the afternoon in a coma-like state, I was suddenly thankful that hey! at least my job didn't involve the use of my brain.  but what about Gary?  surely he had to be sleep-typing at his desk by now, the poor guy.  I guess he told his co-workers, "if you catch me sleeping at my desk, don't wake me up."

oh well, what's a little sleep deprivation, eh?  like my Grandma always said, "you can sleep in your grave."  sounds morbid I know, but I'm beginning to agree with her.

my three little diaper butts, how cute are they?                    

Rowan, Finley (11 days) and Scarlett.
happy Wednezzzzz...



Sue said...

Very adorable children! Wishing for easier days ahead and more sleep for you!

andrea said...

oh it's all too familiar...and when my baby was around 3 weeks, I had to add "pack a box" in between the "nurse baby, change diaper butts" in my schedule. I felt like I could sleep for a month once we got moved in! I still feel like that...the waking up every 2 hours is still going on around here too. Hope your baby lets you sleep through the night at some point:)

Selma said...

Can you say ADORABLE! Hang in there; I hear it gets better. But I'm not sure when ....

pakosta said...

they are beautiful! love love love this picture! I love your blog so very much!!! how far apart are the toddlers?! or are they twins?!

jessica said...

thank you so much, Tara! I'm glad you enjoy the blog! :-) no twins, LOL... Rowan and Scarlett are 21 months apart in age.

jen said...

Looong days, short nights...it's rough, but it doesn't last forever. It just feels like it :)