just when I thought life couldn't get any crazier.

so I'm at the mall on Saturday afternoon when my phone starts ringing.  it's Gary.

me: hey, what's up?

Gary: yeah, could you come home, like ASAP?  I need to run to the E.R.

immediately, my heart begins to pound.  lub-DUB, lub-DUB.  I feel as though at any second, I might faint.

me: why?  what's going on?

I glance around for something to hang on to, which happens to be a clothes rack (hey that's a cute top!) and brace myself for the bad news.

Gary: Jake wiped out at the jumps.  I think he might've broken his collarbone.

a wave of relief washes over me, grateful that it's not something more serious.  but still, I can't help but think, another broken collarbone?  to me, it seemed like a rather odd coincidence.  suddenly, I was a bit skeptical.        

me: wait a minute.  are you for real, or is this another one of your so-called "funny" jokes?

Gary: nope.  dead serious.


broken collarbone, take 2.  OUCH.     
and you thought your life was crazy?

I... yeah.  words fail me.



jen said...

No way. What next? CRAZY!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy!! What next!?

Dave and Brianna said...

yah. skipped. oops. glad its you and not me. ;) we'll see where I am once I even have kids to school!

pakosta said...

oh man!!!
hope he feels better SOON!
I just saw this post!
missed it earlier!