photo booth fun.

as promised, here are the pictures from the photo booth.  instead of having the party guests dress up, we provided a box of nerd clothes, etc that they could dress up in if they were feeling extra nerdy.  turns out, there were quite a few "good sports."

so, enjoy.  

oh.  and one more thing.  before you start scrolling through the photos, you may want to grab an extra pair of undies.  you know, in case you start laughing really hard and then, oopsie daisy!  trust me, accidents happen.
my name is Gary.  I like your rainbow belt.  *giggle*         
ewwwww, you guys.  this is like, really gross.  wanna see?
wow.  that is like, totally amazing.  NERD hug!
mirror, mirror on the wall.  who's the nerdiest one of all?
it says right here on page 253, second paragraph: "chics dig guys in safety glasses."  see?  told you so.  
OH EM GEE.  I have the nerdiest parents EVER.  
excuse me?  like, how do you work this thinggg?
say, cheeeese!
best friends forever.
if I cross my eyes like this, I can read two lines at once!  far out dude.   
I flame heart nerds.
totally nerd-tastic.



denise hillukka said...

Oh my goodness those are great pictures. Loved all the good sports!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are awesome! Fun to look at. Giggled plenty but kept myself dry! :) Thanks for sharing!

janell said...

Like them all! Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

What a hoot!!

Ally said...

Really? I have no idea how you came up with all this - but that is about the most fun set of photos I've ever seen! I want to come to your parties from now on! :D