snow day.

when the call came in on Monday night informing us that school was cancelled the next day, a chorus of cheering ensued.  even Rowan and Scarlett joined in the frenzy, running up to their siblings and giving them high-fives.  it was quite entertaining to watch, actually.  

as a kid, I remember having those same feelings of excitement whenever school would be cancelled.  it meant you could sleep in!  or go to a friend's house!  or laze around on the couch!  or eat an entire package of Twinkies!  (okay, maybe not.)  the day was yours to spend however you so pleased.  well, to a certain extent.  as long as you didn't do this, or that, or this or that, or heavens!  you better not do that!  then it was all fine and good.  

the part I never quite understood though, was why the parents always grumbled about snow days.  I mean come on.  we're talking about NO SCHOOL here, which, in my books, was definitely a cause for celebration.  why wouldn't they think so, too?  

now that the tables have turned, I completely understand what all those sighs and groans were about.  

oh well.  at least the kids had fun, and that's what counts, right?  besides, it was a good opportunity to get out and snap a few pictures.                  

I convinced Myra to shovel the driveway for me.  of course, a little monetary compensation always helps :-)

Rowan received the award for the most mismatched snow gear ensemble -- striped hat, camouflage jacket, and plaid snow pants, size 12 months.  also, the pink boots completed The Look.  hand-me-downs, gotta love 'em. 

adorable cupcake hat made with love by grandma Kesti.
Scarlett wasn't quite sure what to think.
in other news:

I recently joined the instagram craze, and I'm having a blast documenting all those everyday moments.  it's convenient in the fact that after you snap the picture, you can immediately share it to a host of different sites-- facebook, twitter, flickr, etc.  

in fact, I just created a separate blog through tumblr to hold all of these photos.  you can check that out here: because the years are short.  I'm thinking that once I've completed Project 365, I will switch over to this instead.  if you would like to join me, you can find me at instagram under jessicakesti.

have a great day!   



Anonymous said...

Such precious pictures! looks like they are all having fun! Send some snow up this way!! Got your christmas card.. adorable like usual!! ~jess

Melanie said...

Great pics! And ADORABLE cupcake hat!