this is somewhat strange, but amusing, I hope.

yeah, so hey!  did you guys have a great weekend?

we sure did, minus the one episode on Saturday morning when we were all in a tizzy because we couldn't find the scale.  yes folks, the SCALE.  as in that thing that tells you how much, or if you're the optimistic type, how little you weigh.  what?  you mean you don't freak out when your scale goes missing?  ha, well yeah, I probably wouldn't either except we needed to do our weekly weigh-in for our Biggest Loser contest, and well, it's kind of hard to weigh yourself without a scale.  I mean, it's not like Gary can just pick me up, bench press me a few times and be all wow! you're getting to be such a big girl!  because then he'd be in the dog house for the rest of his life.

so yeah, the scale.  it was missing.  and Gary and I were like, huh?  how does a scale just up and disappear?  it's not like it can grow legs and walk away, so obviously, someone had to have either taken it or hidden it.  but why?  slightly perturbed, we started poking around under beds, in closets, behind doors.  but alas, no scale jumped out at us.  Gary even went as far as to paw through the outdoor garbage can in the event that one of the kids had gasp! maybe broken it and decided to dispose of the evidence. but nope.  it wasn't in there either.  determined to get to the bottom of it, we began interrogating the kids.

when was the last time you used the scale?  
did you see anyone run off with it?     
we promise we won't get mad, just tell the truth. 
you did something with it, didn't you.  now where is it?
are you sure you don't know what happened to it?  like, 100% positive?

shockingly enough, they knew nothing of its whereabouts.  nor had they witnessed any suspicious activity involving said scale.  even Rowan, who is usually the first to tattle, just looked at us blankly.  

not making any headway, we called off the search and continued about our Saturday morning routine.  as the morning progressed, I could tell The Mystery of the Disappearing Scale was still troubling Gary, even though he would never actually admit this.

after a quick search through the kitchen cupboards revealed, still, NO SCALE, I was finally like "dude, forget about it.  we can just buy another one from the store."  but, being the logic-minded person he is, he refused to give in.  "it's gotta be around here somewhere," he tells me.

he was busy contemplating his next tactic, like stringing up the kids by their toes to get some answers, when suddenly Jake blurts out, "hey, I know!  how about we show Rowan the closet where the scale is stored?  maybe it will trigger something."  sure enough.  the second Jake pointed at the closet and asked "where is the thing that goes here?" Rowan's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree and he darted into our bedroom over to where two 20 X 20 picture frames sat leaning against the wall.  pulling the frames apart, he reached in between them and dug out the scale.  "here it is!"  he exclaimed.

so yeah.  a huge thank you to Jake for saving the day.  and on top of it, hopefully Rowan learned a new word.  and apparently I'm grasping at straws to up and blog about a missing scale?

but anyway, the weekend!  what did we do?  oh you know, just hung out and enjoyed the view from our backyard.

when we asked Jack and Andrea if they wanted to join us out in the forest for a bonfire, they were all what?  have the Kesti's lost their mind?  there's like, snow on the ground for pete's sake!  

ha, well, it is their first winter here in the mountains of Flagstaff, so clearly they aren't as oxygen deprived as we are.  yet.  but then they decided to come anyway.  good times!
I hate to break it to you Rowan, but you might be there a while.  but hey!  way to be optimistic!
the three year-olds had an in-depth conversation.  about what, I'm not sure.


andrea said...

yeah, so you guys may not be so crazy after all...you got some good pictures too:)

able mabel said...

Yeah, but you didn't give him a chance to bench press you and sayd "what a lightweight." :)

Love, love bonfires in the snow! Looks like a fun day!