10 on 10: the April edition.

(doing this 10 on 10 photography project has really made the months fly by.  like whoa, it's April 10th already?  that means only 258 shopping days left until Christmas!)

*photos taken on the day we drove home from California.

pitstop at Lumber Liquidators in west LA to purchase our kitchen flooring.  random, I know.
silhouettes underneath the Santa Monica pier.
ferris wheel + far away people.
beach hair.
Newport Beach.
it pays to carpool in LA.
wind turbines near Palm Springs.
the miles keep whizzing on by.
passing time.


PS. I so wish I had the time to write a blog post with more substance, something besides just pictures and one liners.  but unfortunately, life has been a rather constant whirlwind of activity as of late, leaving me to wonder whether I'm coming or going.  or just plain spinning circles.  in fact, it's currently one o'clock in the morning as I sit here typing this, and Gary is just now walking in the door after putting in five hours of work on the remodel.  life is great, people.  juuust great.  oh well, good thing it's only temporary.

in the meantime, I hope you'll bear with me.  if you're still around, that is.


Amber said...

Hang in there! I can relate but with a husband that has been working tons out of town. All the hard work and endless hours will pay off. Some days you will have to take it hour by hour and others day by day. Sure we miss your blog posts too.. but it won't be long and I can imagine the stories will be great!

Becca said...

Poor guy - he must be exhausted !!