10 on 10: the August edition.

first one awake.  always.
a sticky situation.
little helper.
my house is being overrun by golfballs.
yay, daddy's home!  (it's always a toss up over who's more excited; me, or the kids.)
an early evening swim at a favorite swimming hole.
blackberry pickin'.
balancing act.

have a great weekend, everyone!

also, thank you for all the kind comments yesterday!



Kate said...

Ooh I wish I had some blackberries to pick! Nothing better than getting them fresh off the bush! ;) Glad to see you in good spirits!

Anonymous said...

The swimming hole looks lovely!

el hogan said...

Dear Jessica, I've just spent a lovely half an hour looking at your beautiful images. I especially love your 10 on 10, and can't to follow along with you! Thank you! El Hogan