eleven months.

Finley was more interested in exploring his surroundings and munching on flowers than posing for the camera.
hm, as I was looking back through the archives, I noticed that I completely missed Finley's nine and ten month updates, whoopsies!  guess that means it's time to play a little catch up here!

so, anyway.  what has mister Fin been up to lately?  oh, you know, just the usual things that babies do-- making everyone laugh with his silly faces, crawling all over the place (up and down the stairs, even!), making sure we don't forget who's boss by letting out an ear piercing shriek if we fail to give him our complete and undivided attention (sorry sir, I just had to run to the bathroom sir, I won't do that again, sir!), being cute and cuddly and charming, shoving everything he can get his hands on into his mouth (this includes, but is not limited to, rocks, sticks, bugs, dirt, leaves, and grass), emptying the cupboards, and just this past week he surprised us all by taking his first few steps, thus declaring his 'big boy' status.  WAAAH!  where did my little newborn baby disappear to?  ahem, did you miss the memo, Finley?  the one that states you're supposed to stay little forever?

yoo hoo, Finley, did you hear me?

he's too busy chewing on a wad of toilet paper to answer.      

well, anyway.  in one month we shall eat cake.  now that's something to look forward to.


PS. my three lil photography helpers, minus the help.

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Kate said...

Oh my, eleven months already? I know how fast it goes! This is such a cool spot for photos, too- great snaps!!