10 on 10: the September edition.

little digger.
mini mom.
dentist appointment.
look, no more training wheels!
three is a crowd.
doctor appointment.
taste tester.
Phoebe turns six.
blow out the candles, let's eat cake.  one great thing about having a large family?  your child is always guaranteed party guests.  this especially comes in handy when you're running short on time and can't feasibly invite friends over. 
two appointments, a trip to Target, a batch of cupcakes and one birthday party later, I don't think I've ever been so happy to see a day come to a close.  whew.



Anonymous said...

Love your blog! It is so fun to follow!

Dave and Brianna said...

I love your string of lights and your backsplash.. I been wanting to do that in my kitchen..haven't ever tiled, but seems like a small job..am I kidding myself?? :)