happy birthday and a hike.

we drove up to Lockett Meadow last Sunday to have a picnic and celebrate Finley's first birthday.  afterwards we went on four mile romp through the woods to scope out the smattering of fall colors, which aren't at their peak yet, but nonetheless, still pretty.  the four oldest opted to stay home, claiming that hiking is just waaay too boooring.  party poopers.  part of me wants to shake them and yell, "wake up!  don't you realize what you're missing out on?"  but alas, kids are kids, and they probably won't fully appreciate how fortunate they were to be surrounded by so much breathtakingly beautiful scenery until they're adults, madly trying to convince their own kids to go hiking.  I, on the other hand, have to slap myself on the face every now and then to make sure I'm not dreaming.  I mean, to have all this beauty *basically* right in my very own backyard?  yeah, it's pretty much mind blowing at times.

have a great day!



Aunty Dee said...

Where does the time go? Finley one already!! The pics are wonderful Jess--setting is beautiful. I have to say the one of Rowan in the doorway is simply charming--knowing his character makes it really special as well as he is so cute--and such a stinker! thanks for sharing so many great pics with us. Love you all!

Heidi Riutta said...

You amaze me, Ben and lindsey and troy and I hiked up there on Saturday and I felt out of shape. Yet your little ones did it. I have decided you are my new inspiration. You have 10 kids and do all this..I think you were meant to live by me we could haul 16 kids around and do all these things :)

Anita said...

I'm trying to find a place on the calendar to pencil in a trip up to see the colors. At the same time, I'm scared if I bring Jari up to all those trees he may decide to stay!

Lauren Knight said...

I am actually in tears... such a beautiful place, so moving! Go figure, as soon as I put the kids to bed, I immediately go check out someone else's kids online then want to go wake mine up and find this beautiful place you have found!

New to your blog. Such a wonderful site!