blackberry picking.

hear ye!  hear ye!  the verdict is in!

after completing my first day of job training (which consisted of fun things like watching videos, filling out paperwork, daydreaming about all the shopping I can do now that I get a discount, heh), I think it's going to be fun!  I also left wondering how you working mommas are able to juggle it all, whew!  I guess it didn't help that I worked from ten o'clock in the morning until two in the afternoon, right during those prime hours when I'm typically busy instagramming... um, racing around the house doing chores and laundry, I mean.

wait, four hours only?  who am I kidding?  I bust my backside from sunup till sundown!  I mean, geez.  shopping online is hard work!  no?

basically, once I got home it took me the remainder of the afternoon and a fair share of the evening just to get to a point where it didn't feel like I was drowning in a sea of mess.  blergggh!  obviously you working moms have learned to be a bit more organized?  because otherwise, when would you ever find the time to do laundry and all that fun stuff?  or maybe you just ignore it?  if so, I have my pen and notepad out, ready to jot down tips on how to let go, and not be so distraught if my house isn't in tiptop shape.  I'm sure it would decrease my anxiety level immensely.

I suppose the house wouldn't have been so out of control had I not left Rowan babysitting.  I kid!  no, actually Jake stayed home from school to watch the three littles while I was gone, but being your stereotypical teenage boy, he strictly does the bare minimum.  and heaven forbid I ask him to do anything extra lest I want to listen to him whine for three hours about how overworked he is, and how many (gasp!) POOP diapers he's had to change, blah blah blah.  I suppose I should just be thankful that the house is still standing when I get home, hey?  yeah, that's always a good thing!  well, fortunately these daytime hours are only temporary.  once I start working my regular shift, Gary will be home to man the ship and things should go more smoothly.  unless he decides to join me in the loony bin.  then I guess... we're sunk?  

aaand now awkwardly switching subjects to today's featured post, which I've been trying to write for a couple days now only I keep getting interrupted by smelly diapers, flooded kitchens, Lego wars, art murals, and so on.  you can thank a particular threesome for that. 

I realize that fall is already in full swing in most parts of the world, so I hope you don't mind that I'm sharing a few pictures from this past summer.  eeek.  I just wanted to get these posted, though.  you know, before next summer comes.  and I confess.  I've been far too busy to spend much time on editing, having turned my focus to simply getting the photos up on the blog instead.  that said, I apologize in advance for the blah looking pictures! 

so what do lots of blackberries call for?  why, blackberry cobbler, of course!  actually, my plan was to share the recipe with you but, unfortunately, too many things went wrong as I was taking pictures: 1.) I was so excited to use the yellow egg holder thingy as a prop (see pic below) that I didn't realize until I was mixing the ingredients together that the recipe doesn't even call for eggs!  dum da dum dum DUM!  and 2.) we devoured the cobbler before I could take a picture of the final product.  ah well, you didn't really want the recipe anyway, did you?

have a great weekend y'all!  since Chloe and Myra are off school today, we're heading down to Phoenix to do a little shopping!  funnn!



susie edwards said...

It's past autum here... we woke up to snow on the ground! I guess there is still some green leave on the trees! great photos once again!

Ashley said...

where do you get blackberries?? Is that oak creek? Seriously I am learning and discovering so much more of this state since reading your blog! I guess since i have a fmaily now i am appreciating it more!

jessica said...

Ashley- yes, this is oak creek, tons of blackberries along the creek! you'll have to take your family and come up sometime! it's so beautiful in Sedona!

Amanda Carr said...

I'm sure you heard this a million times but your life is so fascinating! I just recently discovered your blog and I'm really enjoying it :)