little red riding pants.

so, would you believe me if I told you that it's two o'clock in the afternoon and I'm showered, dressed, the last load of wash is tumbling in the dryer; the rest of the clothes have been folded and put away.

the three wild things are dressed, fed and, at the moment, playing quietly.  the house is picked up, vacuumed, and relatively clean-- "relatively" meaning, just don't look too close.

the bathrooms all got a once over, like they do every day because I tell you what, we simply have too many I. P. Freely's around here.  seriously!  I feel like tossing a handful of Cheerios in the toilet bowl and demanding the males in this house to aim for the things.  I mean, for crying out loud!  they can shoot a deer smack dab in between the eyes from a million yards away yet they can't manage to hit the inside of a toilet bowl that's mere inches away?  I'm sorry, but I just don't get it.  the hubs might put up a stink over that idea, even though his aim is probably the worst...  

don't tell him I said that. 

so anyway, I'm taking advantage of my being so on the ball today by typing up another blog post-- second one this week, you guys!  wowee, I'm on a roll!  nothing too extraordinary, but just thought I'd share a picture that I posted to Instagram a while back.  I figure I might as well start posting more of my Instagram photos on here because I'm pretty sure the majority of the folks who follow me on Instagram don't read my blog, and the majority of the folks who read my blog probably don't check my Instagram feed.  well, maybe there are a few crossovers, so hopefully they don't mind seeing my pictures twice.  although technically this is my corner of the internet which basically means I can post whatever I want, whenever I want, right?  why, yeah!  sure!  and now I'm rambling!

this picture was taken at Red Mountain a few weeks back.  I love how tiny Finley looks in comparison with the large scale of the mountain.  kinda like, whoa!  the earth is so big!  really, us humans only make up a small part of it.  of course that newly walking, bow-legged stance is pretty doggone cute, too.    


PS.  I'm off to get a haircut in an hour and later this evening, I'm going out for dinner with a handful of friends.  yay, best day ever!    


Kate said...

I really have no idea how you do it. Please, teach me your ways!

Joni said...

Funny that you mention the cheerios thing - I did just toss some in for our youngest boy yesterday (he thought it was great fun to 'sink the boats'!) I totally understand the frustration of having to clean toilets daily (and the floor around the toilets.) Yes, I should probably keep some cheerios handy in each bathroom and ask all five boys (and their dad) to start target practicing!

Joni said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey mama!
I am la_zetina, do you know me? :)

I really like your blog, and I didn't realize you are taking all those pics with your iPhone...such a good work!

Bye bye from a rainy Milan :(

Eleonora said...

I am not anonymous ;)

Marie said...

You should frame this photo! Its beautiful...

Dave and Brianna said...

Fun to go with friends! And love the picture of Finley! Also, I can't believe he is walking! Miles, better get the move on~ literally!