10 on 10: the October edition.

take your pick.
her own sense of style.
morning bottle.
cutest little breakfast partner.
not quite ready for this yet.
it's a hang out in your undies and chew on the bed kind of day.
PB&J every single day.
one fell asleep, the other one didn't.
fall leftovers.
growing boys need LOTS of food, is what my grocery bill tells me.


PS. just a quick head's up: I may be absent around these parts for a little while.  we're off to Cali this weekend and I've got lots of stuff to get done beforehand-- you know, that whole ducks in a row thing.  have a great rest of the week!


Becca said...

Looks like there's some body artwork going on around there again. Still haven't located all those markers huh?

Marie said...

Your children are all so adorable! I cant imagine raising up 10 kids. You're really a super mum. Hats off to you :)