a couple things.

I'm sitting here staring at the cursor on the page.  as I watch it blink out a steady rhythm-- blink, blink, blink, blink-- I'm trying to think if I have anything even remotely newsworthy to share, as it totally feels like every day is just a repeat of the last-- wake up, feed kids, change diapers, feed kids, wash clothes, change diapers, go to bed, have nightmares about changing diapers and feeding kids, wake up, do it all over again. 

the cursor is not really helping me, though.  with each annoying blink it seems to be tapping out a message in morse code, something to the tune of "your. mind. is. blank. just. go. to. bed."  but, surprisingly enough, after a few moments, well, maybe it was more like 20 minutes, I did come up with a couple things to write about.  I'm not brain dead yet, you guys, so phew! 

one: Scarlett decided to try her luck at playing hairdresser the other night, which is totally legit being she comes from a long line of talented barbers.  like, there's at least two that I know of.  and I can't prove it, but I'm almost certain Rowan was on the sidelines cheering her on, too, the little stinker.  (as you might recall, he went through a stage where he kept cutting random chunks out of his hair.  it got so bad, that at one point it looked like he had mad cow disease or something, his head was so full of bald spots.  and let's not forget the time he took Gary's shaver to his head, either.  oh man, what a nightmare!  I still shudder when I think about it.)  anyway, turns out she got a little carried away while trimming her bangs.  enter gigantic splendiferous whoopsie daisies!

she's now bang-less.  I think it suits her though, don't you?  sigh.    

I'm consoling myself with the fact that hair eventually grows out.  or does it grow in?  whatever, it's past my bedtime.

two: last week, Friday to be exact, Hannah received her driver's permit.

enter sudden accumulation of gray hair.

of course she was begging to drive somewhere, so on Saturday we did a trial run to Target.  I admit, I was a tad bit nervous, meaning I pretty much spent the entire time biting my nails and pressing the imaginary brake pedal on the floor.  also, that short, quick intake of breath, what would you call it, a gasp?  yeah.  I did some of that, too.  and each time she came to a stop, my head would ping-pong between the dashboard and the head rest, it was that abrupt.  BOING!  KA-THUD!  SPROINGGG!  perhaps I suffered some minor whiplash?  I know the other drivers on the road surely must have as they cranked their heads to get a good look at who was driving so haphazardly.  cringe.

also Jake, having jumped at the chance to come along for the ride if for no other reason than to critique his sister's driving skills, was no help either as he all but hollered at her from the backseat.  "you keep veering to the right!  speed up, you're going too slow!  slow down, you're going to fast!  that turn was too choppy!  you forgot to put your blinker on!  I can drive better than that!"  and on and on.  sensing that Hannah was near tears (and yikes, I certainly didn't need a weepy, inexperienced driver on my hands), I told him to lay off.  I mean, for crying out loud, the kid's never driven a vehicle in his life, yet apparently he knows all the ins and outs of driving?

yeesh.  talk about the typical overconfident, cocky male.  remind me not to ride with him when he gets his permit.

except for a few lost brain cells from banging my head on the dash, and well, fingernails too, because I chewed them all off, I'm happy to say we made it home in one piece.  actually, she's driven a few more times since then, and each time she gains a little more confidence.

before I know it, she'll be telling me how to drive.  "step on it, old fart, you're going too slow!"


PS. hoping to share a few pictures from our trip to Cali soon.  it's just that I'm having a hard time finding the motivation to go through them all!  have a great weekend!  


pakosta said...

you are so darn funny!
love the haircut miss scarlette! LOL!
I lucked out that my girls never got cut their hair, strange! but they did cut their barbies hair and give the AG dolls a tiny trim every so often. too funny!
love the commentary on poor hannah's driving LOL!
HUGS mama! you only have 9 more drivers to ride with one day!

Jolene H said...

You sure had me laughing, poor Hannah but then again we've all been there:).

Ruth said...

We can share the haircut woes! Mariah decided Molly's pony on the top of her head needed to go and lopped it off. So Molly's hair on top is layered. :) oh well, it's not quite as obviously as the bang trimming.

Marie said...

Hahaha!!! That "mad cow disease" sentence is hilarious! Your kids are adorable :D

Selma said...

Oh boy. The barbering has Rowan's name written all over it! I forgot to tell your Aunt Debbie to give Rowan a hug from me! Yeah, I know that might sound creepy but I just love his antics as you describe them. One of these finer days maybe I'll actually get to meet him and we'll cook up some mischief together!

barb makela said...

Don't trust that she'll grow out of cutting her hair.. I cut my bangs just before going to confirmation and they were WAY short!! I still have a tendency to chop at my bangs at the ripe old age of 44 and they quite often look like a 2 yr old did it... will I ever learn???