project 52 week 3 | something old.

a couple weeks ago, while I was waiting in line at the grocery store, I happened to pick up the latest Arizona Highways magazine off the newsstand.  the cover photo-- a view of Sedona awash in a fresh coat of snow-- had caught my eye.  as I quickly paged through it, I came across an article that featured some great scenic drives near my hometown of Flagstaff.  feeling too cheap to purchase the magazine, I filed them away in the back of my head instead, right next to the few marbles I haven't lost yet, to save for a rainy day when we were looking for something to do.  well, that "rainy day" happened to be earlier this week, when a case of cabin fever forced me to escape the confines of my four walls and head out on a drive.  after feeding the kids lunch I jammed them in their car seats and away we went.

before long, I was greeted with this picturesque scene, complete with an old, decrepit barn and a rundown chicken coop.  perfect for this week's theme, "something old."  (there was also a vacant house on the lot, not pictured, but maybe it's for sale?  talk about a gorgeous view!)  I imagine those mountains in the background must be pushing a kajillion years old, too.  I mean, they're at least a few years older than Gary, who I briefly thought about photographing for this week's challenge. considering I'm only 36, his 41 years sound ancient.  kekeke.

and for inquiring minds who want to know, here is a rundown of the stats:

canon rebel xsi 24-70mm @70mm f/9 1/1250s ISO 200

for more eye candy, please visit Anita's blog, 430 Breezy Lane!

have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

Great picture-love the stats too. I love this "project 52' -so fun to look at all the pics while I sip my coffee. Everyone had great ideas. Can't wait to decrease my work hrs so I can join! Donna

Anita said...

Awesome filing system Jessica! Love the shot!

Kendra Jean Photography said...

We have the same looking barn right at the back of our development, and I went to take a picture of that, but it has a high gate all the way around it. So I couldn't get a good shot. Love this one!

dana said...

One of my favorites of yours :)
I forget that I need to check your blog on top of your IG! :)
- Dana

dana said...

Hey Jessica,
Is the 24-70mm lens your go-to?
Just wondering what lens you use the most when on trips...like your california trip over the holidays. Are you switching lenses?

Sorry for all the comments.
just love your stuff :)
- Dana

Anonymous said...

Yes! Gorgeous shot! And I do love it when you share your camera stats as well!