project 52 week 21 | laughter.

the best laughter is the kind where you're laughing so hard yet no noise is coming out, so instead, you sit there clapping like a retarded seal.  am I right?

and here's a little playground blooper video to kick start your long weekend with a chuckle, at the expense of my adorable children, of course.  don't forget to note Rowan's "oh crap" look as he witnesses his brother going overboard, and Finley's final, desperate attempt to save himself by clinging onto the neck of Scarlett's shirt, nearly taking her down with him as he does so.


(also, please don't worry.  Finley walked away unscathed.  he's a pretty tough cookie.)

hope this weekend brings you lots of good laughs!


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Mica Sansaver said...

Jessica! I LOVE your work, it's amazing! Where did your Instagram go?! I can't find you!!