testing 1,2,3.

I've literally been dying to post pictures and blog about our summer vacation, but my (once again) non-functioning laptop has prevented me from doing so.  it only needs a new battery, a new mouse pad, and a new charger, so I'm really not sure what's holding me back from getting it fixed. 

oh.  that's right.  I just spent our life savings outfitting eight kids for the new school year.  ie; purchasing tennis shoes, a few articles of clothing, school supplies, backpacks, and forking over money for miscellaneous student fees and field trips, to name a few.  before that I was paying off the dentist for eleven fillings, one tooth extraction, and a set of sealants. next will be Christmas, and who knows what else might pop up in the meantime.  more stitches, perhaps?  Sawyer is on a roll, having received two sets of stitches in just two weeks.  OY!  holy smokes, kids are expen$ive. in fact, I recently read somewhere that it costs roughly $250,000 to raise ONE child from birth to 18 years of age.  times that by eleven and yikes!  my calculator just  blinked an error code, shorted out, and died.  but not before it told me I could've made a hundred trips to Hawaii for that price! 

maybe I need to consider a new career in panhandling.  rumor has it, those folks make millions!  or not.

I don't know.  hopefully I can look back someday and honestly say the cost of raising ten plus kids was worth it!  because as of right now, I have my doubts.  seems like every time I turn around it's something else-- yet another unforeseen expense.  wow.  all this to say that's why I haven't blogged.  sorry!

anyway.  back to the topic at hand.  being my computer is out of commission, I suppose you're wondering how I'm blogging then?  well, about six months ago, I downloaded the blogger app onto my iPhone and I'm just now getting around to testing it out.  why rush into things, right?  and except for the cramp in my pointer finger from pecking at the minuscule keyboard, it seems to be working okay.  hooray for that!  

below are a few snapshots from Yellowstone taken on my phone.  with only two days to explore the gazillion acre park, we barely made a dent in it.  I'd love to go back again someday when we have more time to sightsee.  and also, without toddlers or babies.  I lost track of how many heart attacks Finley caused all those poor, unsuspecting folks as he raced along the boardwalks.  that kid is a serious adrenaline junkie!

(hopefully the resolution looks okay, as it's tough to tell on my tiny phone screen.)

I have so many more pictures to share!  guess those will have to wait until next time!  whenever that is.



Sue said...

A smile was brought to my face when I saw this post! YOU have been greatly missed on IG. I hope you come back, I feel like a good friend in gone.

Take care my friend,

Kara said...

I'm with Sue, above. Loved seeing this post - and hoping that you come back to IG soon. We all miss you and your sweet family like crazy. Hope the summer has been good to you all - minus the costliness part!

Sanna said...

Happy to see you posted a new blog! I've never met you in person, but felt like I got to know you in a small way via IG. I miss seeing your lovely posts. Anyway, hopefully your pregnancy is going well and good luck with the new school year! -Sanna

Holly Baker said...

I agree with these ladies, IG has been missing these breathtaking moments you always manage to capture. Hope back to school season goes smoothly for your beautiful family!

deewags said...

Hey lady - I am glad I got to see these beautiful pics because I was looking forward to them on IG. Hope the school year is going well so far and that you are feeling good. Have a wonderful day!

anne said...

i'm dying to know why you left IG. i haven't officially deleted my account but have quit going on there. i wonder if you left for the same reasons i want to? hope all is well with you and your family :)

j_fredericks said...

I may be a quiet follower, but I missed you on Instagram and came here to make sure you're okay. Glad to see that you appear to be! I'll miss your pics in my feed.

Jason and Jessica said...

I am echoing all the above comments!! You have been MISSED on Instagram. I loved peeking in your life with 10 (and soon to be 11) kiddos. You were a daily reminder to chose to see the humor and bright moments in raising children despite all the weary moments moms know all to well. I always loved seeing your creative pictures; your photography compositions are always spot-on! Thank you for posting on you blog again :-)

Plus, I loved seeing pics of your home and the ways you beautify it. And your numerous doughnut pictures!

Cheska said...

Hi Jessica! I am one of your followers on IG. I just realised that you weren't there anymore (sad) but I'm glad to know that I can still see Scarlett's cheeky face on your blogs. Hope all is doing well with you and your family. Fin must be a big boy now. All the best! :)

Launchmania said...

Ok, so I'm just seeing this post now and not sure if Jessica has a new laptop yet, must not since there are no current blogs here. Such a neat blog, Room For Nine. If everyone is on board, I will put together a fundraiser on a crowdfunding website to raise funds and buy Jessica a new laptop, maybe a Mac so she can continue her blogging that so many love. Who thinks this is a good idea? All I need is a small group of supporters to help get the word out and next thing you know, we could send her a brand new Mac.

Heather said...

Great pictures, Jessica! I'm Heather and I was wondering if you would be willing to answer a question about your blog! If you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com that would be great!

JR said...

Hi Jessica,
I just wanted to say hello and to let you know that I think of you and miss you from time to time. I always enjoyed your pictures and posts and have to admit what an inspiration you have been to me. After the birth of my oldest son I had postpartum depression until I got pregnant again last year. Then I was filled with fear about repeating that experience. I would think of you and how much time you have spent pregnant or up with wee ones in the dark hours of the night and wondered so often about your experience and certain wisdom. When my little was born in October I'm happy to say that I had a completely different and joy filled experience this time around. Sleeping makes a huge difference! I can't believe how big he is already and find myself wishing for more already! Thank you for being an unknowing inspiration to me- countess times I've wondered about your day to day reality, especially now that I don't see or hear from you anymore. I hope this note finds you and your family well, happy, and healthy. Please know that you have many friends still wishing the best for you. Much love, Jaye (jayetbird on IG)