crime scene investigation.

I woke up this morning feeling a little groggy.  I stumbled out of bed and was trying to get my bearings straight when I looked over, noticed this and gasped:

scene of the crime:

Wet wipes

my adrenaline surged and I was now wide awake.  I did a quick survey of the damage and sniffed around for any evidence left behind.  sure enough.  there on the floor peeking out from underneath a crumpled wet wipe lay two bites of chewed up soggy waffle.  in the perpetrators haste, he had forgotten to do a complete cover up.  I recognized this handiwork like the back of my hand.

I dash out into the living room and scope out this scene: aha!  the perp has gone back to steal a couple more bites of waffle and the victim is not impressed.  she grabs hold of him in a daring act on the table top and I sweep in and make the arrest while the witness (eating cheerios) completely ignores the whole situation.

and so this is how the day goes...with Rowan leaving his "fingerprints" on everything.  I think he lives by the motto "search and destroy".

he rarely lets me relax for more than about 2 or 3 minutes at a time as I'm constantly chasing after him in an attempt to ward off his next attack.  but mostly I arrive a hair too late and the damage has already been done and he's already on to the next thing.  *sigh*  will he ever grow out of this?  sometimes I wonder. 

it's a good thing he's cute: 

what a kid!

-happy wednesday!

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