making a list.

hope everyone had a great weekend!  monday morning has arrived and I've pretty much had a steady date with mr. coffee.  just. can't. get. going. 

at least we had a very productive saturday!  hubby cleaned out the van and reorganized the garage.  got caught up on the wash and even had time to throw in some extras like bedding, the slip cover on my Ikea chair, and the pillow covers from my couch.  bonus!  finally got the pile of stuff sitting in my closet listed on ebay.  made a quick dash to the mall to check out the clearance at Dillard's and scored.  splurged on a pedicure which was uber relaxing.  AND had some yummy homemade pizza for dinner.  Mmmm.  I love those kind of days.

I also had time to sit down for a moment and write out a list.  not a honey-do list, grocery list or black list, either.  I call it my "wish" list.  

yep...a list of the things I would like to get before this little munchkin makes its debut.  and with only 10 weeks left, I better get started! :D  because the next best thing to expecting a baby is shopping for the new little one, right? 

like check out these gauzy swaddle blankies from aden+anais.  perfect for a summer baby...nice and lightweight for those hot summer days.  and actually I think Target might carry them as well. 


and how about these cool and colorful bottles by Life Factory.  I had a couple of these with my last baby and absolutely loved them.  they are actually glass, so no worries about harmful chemicals.  and they now come in a smaller 4 oz size. nice.


and a diaper bag you can design yourself?  how cool is that?  this was my quick concoction.  love the pop of yellow.

 Design diaper bag 

how about these pacifier holders in an assortment of oh so sweet colors:

Binker holders

and let's not forget those comfy newborn outfits like these from Zutano.  such fun and bright prints.  and the little hats are to die for!  love that you can mix and match everything. 



so, these are a few of the things on my "wish" list.  I'll just hope for some bidding wars on that ebay stuff. c'mon people, bid higher!  well, just sayin'.... :)

-happy monday!


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