nachos and navels. (uh, not the belly button variety)

and brats and beans.  yep.  that was our SuperBowl sunday fare.

well, not that we cared about the SuperBowl or who won, or anything.  ("oh when the saints, go marching in"- oh sorry, heh)  it's mainly just another excuse to get together with good company (like Keith and Kim & Bruce and Denise) and stuff our faces.

let's start at the beginning:  "once upon a time..."  oops, wrong beginning.

I'll try again.  we jumped in the van sunday morning and left this behind:

and drove to this: 


then, we made nachos with the most amazing and easy homemade salsa ever. (I'll be sure and share that recipe later this week)

AND we scurried across the street to pick these from a neighbor's tree:

 see? these would be the navels I was referring to :)  so yummy!


and then the kids did some of this:

 and A LOT of this: 


it was another FUN day!

-have a great monday, people!  

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