words of wisdom.

I've been into tea lately.  I like to sip it in the evenings, kind of as my "dessert", I guess.  it warms me up and is relaxing to sit and sip, especially if it's been one of those days.

I really like the yogi brand, and I recently discovered that on the tag attached to the tea bag there are these little words of wisdom printed out. subtle reminders, you could call them.  

speak the truth.  indeed, great words to live by.  

but under certain circumstances, say for example, it involves your chocolate stash and persons inquiring about where it's stashed or what happened to that bag of chocolate you just bought???  then I think it's okay to tweak the truth a little.  "ummm...well, I thought it was here."  or, "that bag got eaten looong ago." (when really that was just one of the five bags you picked up from the after christmas clearance)

what can I say except that I love MY chocolate!    

and who would've thought that a cup of tea could inspire me to think of this post? 

-have a terrific tuesday 

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